All LEAP markets prioritize sustainable growing practices, small-scale producers, a diversity of products and people, and a sense of community. LEAP is committed to creating and expanding connections between local food eaters and producers. At LEAP's Online Marketplace, shoppers find a convenient, year round way to support local farms and food businesses through our online storefront and our Farm Share subscriptions.  


Register as a Customer to create a free account

If you are going to purchase a Farm Share subscription, register as a “Farm Share member” unless you are signing up with SNAP/EBT/WIC/Medicaid (in that case, sign up as appropriate for you).

If you want to order items weekly from the storefront, purchase orders between Wednesday at 8am and Sunday at 8pm to pick up the following week at your selected pick up location.

For Farm Share purchases: add a credit card to your account first, unless you plan to pay cash, check, SNAP/EBT/WIC/Medicaid, or Payroll Deduction (for Carilion Employees only).

Please consider purchasing a "Nourish Your Neighbor" item or share to donate to LEAP. This is a donation to offset the cost of fresh local food for a family who may otherwise be unable to afford it. We offer local food at half price for families with SNAP, Medicaid, or WIC.